Andrius Petkus and Vaclovas Petkus

Andrius Petkus and Vaclovas Petkus

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Andrius Petkus

Born 1976

Professional sand sculptor

1991 - 1996 Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts, Teloiai. Department of Artistic wood treatment.
1996 - 2000 Vilnius Academy of Arts Department of Sculpture. BA degree. 2000 - 2002 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture. MA degree. 3 Personal exhibitions in Lithuania.

Many competitions' wins as a sand sculptor: Lithuania (1st , spec prize), Latvia (1 st,2nd,3rd and special prizes), Russia (1", 2nd, 3rd), Italy (3rd ), Finland (1" ), China (spec prize ), Australia (spec prize ), USA (3rdo 4th,Sh ), Canada (2"" ), Russia (1" place & sculptors choice, 2nd place, 3' place, Captain prize). World Champion - 1st place winner in sand sculpture championship in Moscow 2014 !

Participating in art events/festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, France, Holland, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan, USA Germany, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.

An organizer of many international sculpture symposiums, festivals in Lithuania (stone, wood, steel welding, pumpkin carving, fire sculptures, concrete).

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Vaclovas Petkus

Vaclovas Petkus Born 1950

Born and lives in Lithuania. Married, He has 3 children. Occupation - building engineering.

All his life is connected with wood. He has his own workshop where he still makes wooden stairs. In young days he had passion to draw, to carve wood reliefs.

He has experience in sand and ice. He has had taken together with his son Andrius Petkus a part in few sand and ice events.

He wants to proof that Father and Son can be the best team ever!




2023 Solo First place


2023 Doubles First place

Recently named America's #1 Beach, the Siesta Key Crystal Classic has become a favorite of the professional sand sculptors who have competed here.