International Sand Sculpting Festival

November 15-18, 2024


International Sand Sculpting Festival

November 15-18, 2024

1st Place – “Be Proud”
by Ludo Roders

2nd Place – “Divided Unity”
by Maxim Gazendam

3rd Place – “Security Blanket”
by Carl Jara

2023 Winners - Doubles

1st Place – “A Sailor”
by Andrius Petkus and Vaclovas Petkus

2nd Place – “The Key to Unlocking the Weight of the World”
by Matt Deibert and Ian Deibert

3rd Place – “A Change of Seasons”
by Karen Fralich and Dan Belcher

Sculptor’s Choice

Solo – “Divided Unity” by Maxim Gazendam

Duo – “Time is a Killer” by Marie Line Gagne’ and Isabelle Gasse

People's Choice Awards

Solo – “Security Blanket” by Carl Jara

Duo – “Thanks, Jimmy” by Brian Wigelsworth and Matt Long

2023 Master Sculptors

Congratulations to our Amateur Competition Winners

Turtle Bale Youth
1st Place - Pote Family, Addison, Charlotte and Michael
2nd Place- Bradley Family, Ella Dingman, Eric Dingman and James Pratesi

Loggerheads Youth
1st Place - Brooke Landau

Leatherback Solo Adults
1st Place - Thomas Hillen
2nd Place - TIE - Darrell OConnor and Cathy Nichols
3rd Place - Pete Faverio

Turtle Bale Adult Group
1st Place - Shannon Fishback, Mike Bradley and William Pratesi
2nd Place - Tomas Lobato and Maritza Ontiveros
3rd Place TIE - Maureen and David Martinez; and Terri, Steve, Laura Jeffcoat and Pam, John Hufford