Joaquin Cortez and Craig Mutch

Joaquin Cortez and Craig Mutch

Joaquin Cortez

Joaquin Cortez, a lifelong visual artist from North Texas, with a background in traditional art mediums also studied computer animation at the art institute of dallas before he found his true artistic calling during a fateful beach vacation in July 2014.

It was there that he received a transformative sandcastle lesson from "The Amazin' Walter," instantly igniting a deep passion within him. Cortez's commitment was unwavering, as he fearlessly left his day job behind to embark on a journey of travel and intensive training. Through thousands of miles traveled from beaches and festivals creating in sand, he captivated the public with his awe-inspiring art, evoking countless heartwarming reactions and garnering media attention. Driven by his childhood dream of inspiring others through meaningful art projects, Joaquin continues to carve his path forward.

Craig Mutch


Craig Mutch, a Canada native is a seasoned artist of many hats; sand, snow and ice sculpture, travel photography, pumpkin/wood carving and body painting.

Sand sculpture is his prime medium which takes him all around the world on special sand events: Middle East, Europe, Asia and USA.
Snow and ice sculpture -Whistler BC; GMC, 2010 Winter Olympics, Coca Cola.

Craig and his doubles partner were the overall first place winners at the Crystal Classic 2012 and 2nd Place winners 2018-2019.

He is currently working in the film industry as a set artist/sculptor on feature films such as ‘Planet of the Apes’.


Joaquin and Craig





2023 Solo First place


2023 Doubles First place

Recently named America's #1 Beach, the Siesta Key Crystal Classic has become a favorite of the professional sand sculptors who have competed here.