Chris Guinto and Sèveline Beauregard


Chris Guinto

Key West, Florida

‘If you ain’t first, you're last.’

This has been the family mantra since granddaddy Guinto invented fire and Chris continues to carry that torch to this day. Evident in his sculptures in which millions have made pilgrimages to witness, words like “Supernatural”, “Divine providence” and “Number one on my bucket list” are often used to describe his sculptures.

In a nutshell, as Chuck Norris once said: “Sculpting? I leave that to Chris Guinto.”



Sèveline Beauregard

Québec, Canada

Sèveline describes herself as a natural artist saying, "Nobody told me what to do because I already knew.” She feels that being an artist is written in the sky and being creative makes her feel better. To Sèveline, art is an unlimited world with one can be free and feel free to express oneself: every form of art offers a chance for self-discovery. As a child she wanted to try everything: dancing, singing, drawing, painting, writing, sketching and carving. Sèveline practiced circus art for 7 years prior to becoming a professional sculptor 5 years ago. She says that being in a family of artists. It is so much fun and she loves being involved in exciting snow and sand sculpting projects. Sèveline describes herself like a grain of sand travelling everywhere and following the wind. She believes our world is made of energy and together, we form one large beautiful sculpture. Her advice to world is: life is short but we have enough time in the present moment so do what you have to do and live.


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