Damon Langlois

Other aliases: Damon Langlois, D-Man.

When you see Sand-D-Man coming you never know what to expect. Coming from the coastal rain forests he weakens in the dry hot sun but if he can re-liquify himself in the evening then he maintains full strength. Although he seems mellow and understated, with the right provocation, he can be a very dangerous opponent.

Pronounced: San-Dee-Man

Possible Moves: Shovel Carve, Whittle, Taunt, Clean edge, Realistic Face, Useless Cut-Through, Soft Pack, Gesture, Proportion Sight, Strong poundup, Artgineering, Night Moves, Super Saturation, Eyebrow Arch, Surprise Finish

Type: Creative Skeptic

Height: 6’1” (in shoes)

Region: Coastal British Columbia, Canada

Weight: 210lbs +- 10lbs

Evolves From: Designelgor

Off Site Transportation

Avoid the crowds at the beach!  Take Route 11 to Siesta or Ride the Siesta Key Breeze Free Trolley Service on the island.

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