Andrius Petkus And Melineige Beauregard


Andrius Petkus

Birthplace and current home base: Lithuania

Website/Social Media: Instagram- Andriys Petkus

How many states/countries have you visited as part of sand competitions and/or exhibitions?

I have visited at least 22 countries while carving sand.

Is sand sculpture your career? If not, what's your day job?

I do sand and ice. Between projects I create contemporary sculptures from wood, stone, steel etc.

What other media do you sculpt or carve?

I also carve steel welding (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), stone carving, wood carving, concrete, Styrofoam, plastic etc...

Do you have a nickname you can/want to share?

None– perhaps we should give him one this year!

When and where did you first experience sand as an art medium?

10 years ago, in St. Petersburg, Russia



Mélineige Beauregard

Current home base: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Some believe sand sculpting is art, some believe it’s a sport. While others, like Melineige, believe it’s a spiritual experience. “When my hands touch the material, when my heart opens to give life, when my head is illuminated by light, I become the co-creator of the universe,” she said. “An artist is one who spiritualizes matter.”

She should know. Art is in her blood. Her father is internationally renowned sculptor Guy Beauregard, and like her father, she too has achieved international success. In fact, in 2004 the father-daughter duo teamed to win the World Championship in the doubles category. Since then she has won more than 70 individual awards. 

In 2013, she was Grand Champion of the first All Woman World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Florida.  And she was, with Jonathan Bouchand, the 2014 World Cup Champion in the doubles category.  And, in 2016, she was the great Champion of the World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Taiwan. "For me, art is a means of communication, a way to transmit the energy of life, to affirm its vastness and its beauty.”


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