Helena Bangert & Fergus Mulvany


Helena Bangert

Website/Social Media: www.helenabangert.com www.sandskulpturen.ch

Current home base: When I am not on the road, my home is Amsterdam, the Netherlands

How many states/countries have you visited as part of sand competitions and/or exhibitions?
Helena: I have carved in numerous places all over the world: Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Colombia, Canada, America and all over Europe.

What other media do you sculpt or carve?
Helena: I carve mainly in sand but also ice and snow.

When and where did you first experience sand as an art medium?
Helena: I started sand sculpting in 2001.

Who was your first mentor?
Helena: I learned first sand skills from the guys of Sandaholics ( back than a small successful sand sculpting company)....should have known...it is all in the name. Never would have thought the sand would dictate my way of living.

Fergus Mulvany

Name : Fergus Mulvany
Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31064663
Birthplace: Ireland

Current home base: Ireland, but also the Hague in Holland where I spend time between projects.

How many states/countries have you visited as part of sand competitions and/or exhibitions?
Fergus: I reckon I have been to somewhere between 30 and 40 different countries on sand and ice projects.

Is sand sculpture your career? If not, what's your day job?
Fergus: Sand sculpting has become my basic bread and butter occupation since about 1997 when it began to take off globally.

What other media do you sculpt or carve?
Fergus: Whenever I have the time or opportunity, I have worked with many other mediums including combinations of steel, wood, copper, glass and cement.

When and where did you first experience sand as an art medium?
Fergus: I entered the quirky world of sand sculpting by chance in 1993 while studying fine art in Dublin. An invitation arrived at my college from an organization in Holland looking for people to partake in a sand festival in Scheveningen near the Hague. My name was picked out of a hat, and I went there with no knowledge of the medium or any time spent on a beach as I was reared in the country side. I had no idea that I had just plucked a career out of that hat! For me it was a free holiday and my first time abroad in continental Europe. Had no clue what I was doing but I sucked up all the new techniques I observed from Gerry Kirk's crew who introduced the format to Europe.


2017 Winner


Siesta Key Crystal Classic

November 9 - 12, 2018
Recently named America's #1 Beach, the Siesta Key Crystal Classic has become a favorite of the professional sand sculptors who have competed here.


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Avoid the crowds at the beach!  Take Route 11 to Siesta or Ride the Siesta Key Breeze Free Trolley Service on the island.

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